At Home Demo

Once you have had a hearing evaluation, and it is determined you have a hearing loss, it's time to consider the next step – finding and purchasing the right hearing aid for you.

Finding the right hearing aid can be intimidating. Will they look ok? Will they be helpful? Will the benefits outweigh the cost? Do I want features like rechargeability, Bluetooth connectivity, or extended wear? How will they work in my everyday life?

We want you to have the opportunity to try them out at home before you commit to purchase, so we will encourage you to demo them in your own environment for a week.  After you purchase, if you decide hearing aids are not the right choice, you may return them within that first 30 days for a full device cost refund. 

What Hearing Aids Can I Try?

There are no restrictions on the hearing aid brand you can try. However, you can only try hearing aid styles that go over the ear, like Receiver-In-Canal and Behind-The-Ear.

In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aid styles come with custom cases, so they are not available unless you are ready to purchase. If you are interested in a hearing aid that is ITE style, you can test the over the ear version. It might feel and fit a bit differently from what you will end up with when you buy the ITE style, but your sound experience will be very comparable.

How To Adjust To New Hearing Aids.

Here are some tips to make your hearing aid at home demo more comfortable and effective.


    Wearing hearing aids in and around your ears for hours and processing the sound amplification can be fatiguing. If you find yourself overstimulated, we recommend wearing your devices for a few hours the first day and then gradually increasing the wear time each day. 


    Things will sound different as you wear your new hearing aids. These differences aren’t necessarily bad but can also take time to adjust to.

    For instance, if you're used to a silent home, know that hearing aids will often pick up more background sound, such as the hum of the refrigerator, the chirping of birds outside, and other environmental noises. You may also notice your voice sounds different. Be patient with these changes; they are just signs that your new hearing aids are working as expected.


    There are many exciting hearing aid features available. Be sure to talk to our hearing specialist to find out what features interest you most. Once you have the features you want, take the time to try them out! Hearing aid features can make your usage more convenient and useful.


    Part of familiarizing yourself with your hearing aids is to try them out in a variety of environments like restaurants, large buildings, your workplace, and quiet areas. By using your hearing aids in different sound settings, you can become more comfortable with how you can adjust your hearing aids to suit you as you move from one challenging acoustic environment to another. For many, hearing loss prevents them from enjoying a diverse and interesting life. We hope to give you the tools to overcome your hearing challenges and to fully engage in everything you desire.


     Hearing aids do a remarkable job assisting those with hearing loss. However, even the best technology is still an assistant. Remember to give yourself the best chance to succeed by evaluating your environment as you enter it! In a restaurant with clanking dishes and many conversations in the background, ask for a booth, and then utilize your tools to enhance your comfort. Large buildings like shopping centers or places of worship may sound different with hearing aids on, and that is ok! Give yourself time and grace to acclimate to these new environments; it is amazing how much is in store for you!

Call Us To Try Out New Hearing Aids.

If you are interested in trying a new pair of hearing aids and live near Sheridan, Wyoming, give us a call and schedule your at home demo.