Hearing Aid Brands

Starkey hearing aids are on the leading edge of research and development. They are known for their feedback reduction, allowing their hearing aids to provide sufficient amplification for more severe hearing losses without that annoying squeal from feedback.

Starkey also has an exceptional manufacturing lab, making them an ideal choice for custom hearing aids and earmolds. They pioneered the Invisible-In-The-Ear (IIC) style of hearing aid, and have developed the first touch screen remote control with Bluetooth streaming integration.

Most recently, Starkey led the market with Artificial Intelligence and the first custom rechargeable hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities. Beyond amazing technology, Starkey’s customer service is second to none and their philanthropic principles will make you proud of the devices you wear.

At Ebia Hearing & Sound, we primarily fit Starkey hearing devices, however, we will service and repair most brands. If you are unsure if we handle your devices and you don’t find your brand on this list, please contact us.

Brands we Service

Widex hearing aids are long known for their high-end sound quality and strong patient loyalty. For many people who have worn a Widex hearing aid, they choose Widex when its time for a replacement set. Their patented Sensogram system ensures that the aids are fit optimally to provide clear and comfortable access to even the softest of sounds.

Oticon is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer that is at the forefront of hearing aid research and design. Their specialty is making hearing aids that are easy to use, with clear, natural sound quality, that work seamlessly in noisy environments to automatically reduce background noise and bring out speech. Oticon hearing aids are remote control enabled and Bluetooth compatible.

ReSound is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer known worldwide for their innovation and superior sound quality. ReSound pioneered open fit hearing aids, and was the first manufacturer to release a truly miniature receiver in the ear hearing aid with the Dot line, and pioneered the first-ever made for iPhone hearing aid. ReSound has a full range of hearing aid styles and wireless accessories to fit almost every type and degree of hearing loss.

Unitron is a leading hearing aid manufacturer owned by the holding group Sonova, which also owns the Phonak and Lyric brands. Unitron hearing aids are well known as an industry leader for producing clear, natural speech in the presence of background noise, and has a world-class custom earmold manufacturing facility.  Unitron introduced a revolutionary technology known as Flex, which allows their hearing aids to be re-formatted to any of their technology levels without having to purchase a brand new set of hearing aids.

Sonic Innovations was founded in Salt Lake City, and for years known as a leader in directional microphone and noise reduction technology. Since acquired by William Demant Holdings, Sonic Hearing aids have benefited from integration with Oticon circuit and processing technologies and has emerged as a leader in the entry-level and mid-level price points. While most manufacturers offer significantly reduced features at lower price points, Sonic hearing aids have fully-featured noise reduction in their budget tier aids.

Signia  is a well-established hearing aid manufacturer, and until recently was part of the larger German Siemens technology company. The Siemens Hearing division was recently taken over by a private company called Sivantos, and their hearing aids were re-branded as Signia. Siemens pioneered Bluetooth integration in hearing aids, as well as 3-D earmold scanning. Siemens is known for natural sound quality, robust and durable hearing aid design.

Phonak is a Swiss hearing aid manufacturer at the leading edge of hearing aid research and development. They pioneered many features, such as frequency compression for severe noise damage, water resistance, and wireless integration for classroom use and CROS systems for single-sided deafness. Phonak is widely recognized for excellence in pediatrics and severe to profound hearing loss, and has a very strong product line for general use.

MicroTech is a brand owned by Starkey. Unlike most secondary brands, MicroTech is not disabled or less fully featured in any way. A MicroTech hearing aid is exactly identical to the equivalent model of a Starkey hearing aid. The Hearing Clinic will happily service, adjust, or repair a MicroTech hearing aid, and offers a free trial of an identical Starkey branded hearing aid.

Rexton is a Class B manufacturer owned by Siemens Hearing and incorporates research and development from Siemens hearing aids. At The Hearing Clinic, we will happily service, adjust, or repair Rexton hearing aids.