Hearing Healthcare Services

At Ebia Hearing & Sound, LLC, we provide our clients with the perfect balance between compassionate, knowledgeable in-person service and cutting edge hearing and sound technology.

Hearing Evaluation.

To accurately evaluate your level of hearing loss, a comprehensive hearing test is required. We perform a series of tests to help better understand all the different aspects of your individual hearing loss.

Here is what you can expect during your evaluation.

Hearing Aid Service.

Hearing aid demonstration.

There are many different levels of hearing loss and not all hearing aids are appropriate for your particular level. During your consultation, we take the time to help you discover which hearing aids are best for you.

Custom earmolds.

Whether you need a customized earmold for a behind-the-ear product or desire a fully custom fit device, our Hearing Aid Specialist will take impressions and have the right solution made for you.

Repairs on major brands.

If you currently wear hearing aids and are in need of service or repairs, please bring them with you to your appointment! We repair and program most brands and will do our best to maximize your current investment.


We carry Starkey (Rayovac) hearing aid batteries in size 10, 312, and 13. If the product you need is missing, we will order it for you. During your visit, we will gladly change your batteries for you. If you would like to discuss more convenient, rechargeable options, we would be happy to share those with you too.

Tinnitus Management.

Hearing loss and tinnitus are often connected conditions. If you struggle with tinnitus with or without hearing loss, we can help.

Many major hearing aid brands now offer built-in tinnitus support. Depending on the severity of your tinnitus, we can discuss all the different tinnitus support-enabled hearing aids available to you or direct you to additional helpful resources.


Your insurance may provide coverage for your hearing aids. We work with industry-specific Insurance Specialists to make sure your claim is filed quickly and correctly, ultimately benefiting you.

0% Hearing Aid Financing.

If your insurance does not provide coverage and your budget does not allow for hearing aids, we can still help. We work with financing companies that offer no-interest financing for a select amount of time to those who qualify*.

Lifetime Commitment To Your Hearing.

When you choose to work with us, we become partners. Throughout your journey to better hearing, we will be available to answer questions and solve issues. We offer free annual retesting of your hearing to determine if your hearing needs have changed. If your hearing or anatomical needs change, we will adjust your devices accordingly.

Ebia Hearing is committed to understanding the latest technological advancements and we are happy to share as soon as they are available, so you always have the advantage.