Sound Services

Ebia Hearing and Sound is proud to offer professional sound and acoustic consultation services for schools, churches, businesses and more. Hearing well in any space can be challenging, even for those with normal hearing, and that's where our sound services come in.

JT will help you find a solution that suits your venue. From simple modifications of your existing system to a totally new plan, JT will work hard to maximize your current investment, create a new schematic or customize a combination of the two.

With over 25 years of experience with live and installed sound, JT will put his applied knowledge to work for you.

Our Project Portfolio Includes:

  • Several community churches (sound systems, acoustics, and live stream assistance).

  • SCSD2  - High School Gyms, High School Stadium, Junior High Gyms, Sagebrush Elementary, Meadowlark Elementary, Coffeen Elementary, Board Room Sound, etc.

  • Whitney Benefits. 

  • Many concert and live sound applications throughout Sheridan County.

We look forward to serving you soon!